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  • $0 - $100

    2 25.00%
  • $100 - $500

    1 12.50%
  • $500 - $1,000

    0 0%
  • $1,000 - $2,500

    2 25.00%
  • $2,500 - $5,000

    0 0%
  • $5,000 - $10,000

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  • $10,000 - $20,000

    2 25.00%
  • over $20,000

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  • No amount of money could buy my collection.

    1 12.50%
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Thread: What price would you put on your MOTU collection?

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    What price would you put on your MOTU collection?

    They say everyone has a price. How much would it take for you to hand over your entire MOTU collection? This includes all figures from every era, all forms of media, all literature, and all the miscellaneous items.

    What would it cost for you to part with everything you own that is MOTU related?
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    I have no MOTU collection.
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    Hmmmm... I sometimes toy with the idea of unloading my vintage collection for Transformers.

    Just not that into MOTU right now. Recently, I've been Enjoying collecting 200x figures and the associated cartoon, but not much other related activities. I'm way more into TF.
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    Well sadly and I still think I need counseling for this but when I was about 14 and seemingly getting out of toys, I the entire figure collection for about $100.00 to this kid who seemingly always had money and wanted to buy my collections (WWF Wrestling, G.I.Joe, Mask, Power Lords).

    So I now hang my head in shame.....
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    I definitely couldn't put a price on my collection.
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    Hard for me to say. Many of my MOTU toys have more sentimental value than dollar value. I spent many a weekend with my granny driving town to town toy store to toy store collecting these toys.

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