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Thread: Anyone else suffer from gout?

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    Anyone else suffer from gout?

    Yikes. My foot hurts.

    First off, to address the usual questions… ;o)

    No, I don't drink much, I don't overdo it on the rich foods.

    I did used to take a lot of protein supplements when I was weight-training heavily about six years ago, causing my first attack. But I dropped them immediately.

    I seriously don't know what the hell has caused it this time, and I'm beginning my third week of acute pain, sleepless nights and walking around like a lumbering zombie.

    I went to the doctor's last week and was given a course of indomethacin - sadly it's been ineffective, so I'm going back this afternoon. Diclofenac worked first time round, but it tore my insides to shreds.

    For anyone who's unaware, basically gout is caused by a build-up of uric acid in the blood that eventually crystallizes in the joints, most commonly the big toe.

    It's traditionally known as "rich man's disease", brought on my indulgent living, drinking too much, eating too much rich food - think a red-faced Henry VIII sat with a huge banquet in front of him!

    Seriously though, this is the worst physical pain I've endured - if I were Doctor Gordon locked in the bathroom with a hacksaw for company, I'd be sorely tempted at the moment…

    I've been drinking cherry juice and taking small amounts of baking soda too, not much help though. Had blood tests as well, all clear.

    I'll have to see what the doctor says! I'm hoping they can give me something preventative too for the future.

    Has anyone else suffered with this problem?

    Sorry to moan - I usually enjoy lots of exercise, dog walking and martial arts training , suddenly being unable to enjoy of these things is, frankly, crap.


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    The doc won't help in most cases. Get goutclear! The stuff is AWESOME. You buy it online, and believe me it's a life saver.

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