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Thread: Who will you pose your King He-Man with?

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    Who will you pose your King He-Man with?

    King He-Man is one of the reasons I subbed this year, but with odds of not getting anymore people from his era, who will he be posed next to? I guess we have TMS and SLL but no one else will really fit with the poor guy. Any villain ideas since most of the baddies should be dead? I truly hope we get some more characters from this era before the line dies.

    On another note, do you think the NA He-Man stuff or Son of He-Man show would've been more popular? NA wasn't overly popular but could the Dare stuff kept MOTU alive longer?

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    He will be posed alone...since he has no peer...atop Castle Grayskull, as it was meant to be.
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    He's going with Strobo and Sir Laser Lot. Not sure about villains, since the Horde and Snake Men have been dealt with. I suppose we'd need new ones. Maybe an older Evil Lyn and her son(or daughter) gathers a mix of old and new evil warriors.

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    He'll be posed in a drawer.

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    I'ma pose 'em with Mighty Spector 'cause they're bros. King He-Man is all like "Dude I'm feelin' like some Preternia cuisine from the Great Vine Jungle. They had some good stuff back then I hear."

    Then Spector would be like "Sure King, no problem."

    And then he comes back from the past with Sir Laser-Lot and they all have awesome future parties.
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    Alongside Specter, Photog, Castle Grayskullman, and Sir Laser-Lot. In my canon, those characters are all from the future, so it would make sense for him to be standing alongside them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TED675 View Post
    He'll be posed in a drawer.
    Pretty much.

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    If i do end up keeping him once in hand (at this point I'm looking at him as trade material), I'll pose him with a regular He-man head with KG hair holding the golden power sword (from the dvd set) alongside my custom Teela Sorceress I'm working on.
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    Next to Hero and Photog. In my storyline, Hero is the son of Heman but doesn't become the next heman. Instead he is chosen to find the next Heman. Horde Prime ( in my storyline ) is Hordak resurrected and is attempting to rule Eternia and the universe before the next Heman can be found. They all have their own shelf.

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    I have kind of a random display he may wind up in, unless I dedicate a shelf to the future with he, Spector, Laser Lot, etc.
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    Next to Frosta.
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    I have yet to determine that. I think I'll probably keep him MOC till I can figure it out.

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    I am not particularly fan of the eras, I am more interested in the fractions instead. And since King He man is a King it will be with the King fraction shelf with Keldor and Randor1st, and Carnivus, hoping they release King Miro as seen in the last minicomic. It would be a shelf of important people I think

    As for the popularity of NA, I never watched the cartoon, some day I will but the whole idea of more techno-space than medieval-barbarian it is not for me. If a story about Dare is more medieval-barbarian then it would be more interesting IMO

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    He's just the Sub Exclusive to me, and he's staying MOSC....He'll be hanging next to Stinkor (and possibly Fang Man, if I decide to leave him carded as well), if that counts. Otherwise, that's all he is to me, just like my Shadow Weaver, I could take or leave both of them honestly, but they're mine, so I'm keepin' 'em. I don't care about King He-Man, The NA story to me where he permanently becomes He-Man doesn't exist to me, the Stroke lip is really off putting and the head doesn't really scream He-Man or Adam to me. But if nothing else, He'll be King Adam, and he takes over when Randor passed of old age.
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    For me, King He-Man is pretty much in his own era with:
    ToD Sorceress (until/if we get a Queen/Sorceress Teela)
    Dare (Custom)
    Gwildor (when he arrives in the line)
    The Mighty Spector
    Roboto 2.0 (regular Roboto with Kevin Kosse head and Spy Monkey upgrades)
    Techno (Snake) Man At Arms
    Old Man Dekker

    Son of Skeletor (when he arrives in the line)
    Blade (when he arrives in the line)
    Saurod (when he arrives in the line)
    The 3 Fighting Foe Men
    Tank Top (Vykron)
    Crixus (Custom with Kevin Kosse head)
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    At first, I thought King He-Man would stand alone but he'll have the Mighty Spector (Who fits this era better than POG, IMO), Sir Laser-Lot, Strobo, Clamp Champ, and a few others to keep him company. I wish we get Queen Teela and Kay-La at some point. Picking out the villains will be a bit trickier but I'd like to have a custom Keltra (Skeletor's daughter created by my friend RenRa) to display battling the new Masters!

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    At this point I'm planning on sticking him on my random shelf. With the Vykron trio, Gygor, the Shadow Beasts, Vikor, etc. I might make him be the Barbarian King with Vikor and his barbarian gang and just giving him a different sword, as I'm not a fan of the techno-sword.
    That or in the back of the Heroes shelf. Haven't 100% decided yet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wundarwarrior View Post
    King He-Man is one of the reasons I subbed this year, but with odds of not getting anymore people from his era, who will he be posed next to? I guess we have TMS and SLL but no one else will really fit with the poor guy. Any villain ideas since most of the baddies should be dead? I truly hope we get some more characters from this era before the line dies.
    I was thinking therew as no one to put him with; I forgot Laserlot was supposedly shot into the future to be his Man-at-Arms. Though I'd much prefer to have some of the actual Son of He-Man characters like Dare to put with him, I guess SLL is he next best thing. Specter has kind of found his way to the back of one of the displays, and I doubt I'll bring him forward for this. The figure is okay, but I am not a fan of time travelling stuff at all (never been able to sit down and watch "Back to the Future," even), and would prefer to just count Laserlot as a contemporary of Adam the King and ignore the whole temporal patchwork and the inevitable contradictions and paradoxes it would doubtless cause. A high tech looking knight fits better in the future, anyway.
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    King BattleCat. (And, along with Eamon, will be having him ride through the jawbridge opening)

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    Hopefully we get Dare to display with him.
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    Next to Netossa and the drawer.

    As far as which would be more popular..NA or SoH...I think the animation being so different killed NA. Just my opinion. Had it been just like Filmation, with some similar looks (kind of like 200x, and yeah 200x was different animation, but at least the characters were recognizable), I think NA would have been a whole lot better. To be fair, I like the NA characters, but I haven't seen a single NA episode yet (I do have the 30th dvd set, so I will soon)....If SoH would have somehow gone back to at least some Filmation or familiar roots, it would have blown NA away in my opinion.

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    I'm having a hard time figuring this out, too. I'm displaying factions, not eras. Variants get alternate heads put on them to make new characters. I don't know what to do with this figure. I'm leaning toward trading him away and hoping his exclusive nature nets me a couple figs I'm missing.

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    Since I put mine in alphabetical order (for now) when not posed in a scene he will be between King Grayskull & King Hssss
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    in my canon king he man is a goat and he lives on sesame street

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