So, back in January my Netossa had Glue all over her face like this.
I finally got her replacement, which looks like this.
What are these people doing at the factory? I guess I am the only lucky one who gets all the Netossa's that have been used and abused like this?

Seriously, does anyone know how to get the glue off of the figure without hurting it? If I can't then I get to send this one back as well. It's too bad no one looks at these things they send out when they send out replacement ones. I have not had one good return experience with DR yet. Crazy, I know.

The Tutorial thread gave me a couple ideas, Goo-Gone, Nail polish remover, Acetone? I would like to know the best way that wont hurt the figure, just the glue. Thanks for any advice!

( I also posted this in the QC thread in the MOTUC forum).)