As Netossa came a little weak in the accessory department I can present you two nice items to update her little bit.

As MotUC Netossa was designed completely according to the Filmation cartoon she lacks the headdress/mask her vintage toy version was equipped with. Here is the version I created for her.

I have modeled one version with little loops at the side of the mask so one can attach it using a thin string and another version without these loops which you can attach by using blu tack or sticky tape (I will only show the version with the loops here but I think everybody can imagine how it looks without it ).

Attached with a string:

Because of Netossa's hairshape a piece of tape holds the mask in place (at the front it hooks under her chin)

A nicer way to attach the mask is to use "Blu Tack" which is a re-usable adhesive that won't damage your figure (available on online auction websites). Actually it is the blue goo Mattel uses for their figures in their convention displays.

My Second accessory is a trident I designed especially for Netossa. I really loved the idea from Matthew K's awesome Netossa Review over at He equipped her with a trident of a Black Manta figure which in addition to her net-weapon gives her a cool gladiator style.

The mask and trident are 3d modeled and 3d printed by shapeways.

Let me know what you think