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Thread: Picture Page: Photos of Fans - Spring 2013 Edition

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    Picture Page: Photos of Fans - Spring 2013 Edition

    Time to warm things up a little bit and move on to the celebrate the 2013 Vernal Equinox! Here we go with the Spring 2013 Photo Page!

    ***To everyone:
    New pics only, please. No recycling of pics from previous Picture Pages***

    This thread will end and a new photo page will begin on the Summer Solstice on June 21, 2013.

    (I'll edit later with a rush this morning).
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    Dinner and then the Heart concert last night.

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    Me in my best action author pose!


    Should add that my hair is significantly shorter now, and I don't know how to change the size of pics on here!
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    And probably the only time you will ever actually see me in a picture on the internet.
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    Me and me lady-wife at a Holi Festival today.
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    I wish it was better quality, but I forgot to bring my good camera.

    I got to meet the Toy Hunter today!

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