Well since the Star Sisters can have one...

Seriously though, he just needs to fade away. For someone who is supposed to be a very minor character who isn't over powered at all, he sure seems to show up. A lot.

Let's look at some recent appearances...

Mentioned in the DC Comics series, in the Digital Issue #1

On the back of the King He-Man cardback

On the back of Snake Face's cardback (makes little to no sense...maybe because he's a Preternia character?)

Shows up in the Secret Origin of Skeletor Mini Comic, taking "Skeleteen" to the future.

Even the "joke" appearances are getting stale... a "Time Agent" faction symbol...really? These are starting to feel less and less like fun, goofy, joke things and more like forcing him into the story and just disguising it as a joke. Remember, anything that gets people talking about the line is a good thing, right?

His design does not feel right to many fans, and he is likely the most unpopular of the 30th anniversary line. No other character from the 30th anniversary line makes constant appearances in official media like Spector does. Plus he plays some kind of role in the 3 main "Eras" of the story and bios. Just too much exposure.

I don't take issue with him being in the line, but for heaven's sake, can't we move on?

I would like to hear from folks who feel the same way as I do.