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Thread: Does anyone have a list of average MOTU prices?

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    Does anyone have a list of average MOTU prices?

    Hello all!

    Been wondering if anyone has a price guide for the original MOTU figures. I want to know some prices before I go out and spend a lot of money on something that may be worth half of what I paid! I hope someone has one! Thanks !


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    I'm no expert...

    But I think you'll find in most cases it varies greatly.
    Based on condition and demand. Some times you get a good deal sometimes you pay too much.
    If you look at previous auctions on ebay you'll see that the price for the same figure can vary from $1-$50
    Just depends on the listing who else is after it. Where it might be located in the world.

    There's plenty of online stores out there but they generally ask high prices.

    Buy it now prices are generally high. Auctions are normally the best option IMO
    At least you can pick your price and if you don't get it at least you know someone paid too much.
    It's all about what your willing to spend verses what other people are looking to spend.
    I doubt you going to find an exact price list though as there are too many variables to warrant such a list.

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    I'd recommend you come up with your own values and then dip your toe in the water of some auctions. You'll find quickly if you prices are too low and you can raise them a little for the ones you really want. MOTU, like anything else, is worth whatever someone will pay.

    Good luck!

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    very low prices if you want vintage, buy now. as a ebay addict. i have watched most items going for half of the price from about 4 years ago, when the classics came out. the value of vintage toys dropped a lot. i remember horde troopers loose complete going for $100 all day. loose complete eternia sets selling for $1200, the classics line has mostly lowered the vintage prices, but other vintage rarities have held value such as posters magazines and other merch. ive watched loose near complete eternia sets sell for $400 . but seems that ko figures and bootlegs are getting higher in value, if i had extra $ i would buy up and horde vintage toys for a few years as an investment ,then sell after the motuc collection has ran its course. many motuc figures even loose are selling for more $ than the 30 year old figures .

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