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Thread: I for one am shocked...(The Widgets thread)

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    I for one am shocked...(The Widgets thread)

    That the Widgets have been shown no love!

    **tries to keep a straight face**

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    Considering that the Scientists from NA, the Twiggets from PoP, and charactes like Crackers the Clown and Chef Allen (whom I do support being made) have all been talked about in some form or another, I have to say I'm quite surprised that the Widgets have never been mentioned either. Even in a negative context.

    Personaly I'm find them to be near the very bottom of the list of figure wants, but maybe in 2020 .

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    *scoffs at the Widgets*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shokoti's Slave View Post
    That the Widgets have been shown no love!

    **tries to keep a straight face**

    i could be down for some widgets...but then, if i had my druthers, i would have just about every character that had a speaking part in figure form in a glorious re-creation of filmation he-man on my very shelves!
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    The Twiggets and the Scientists seem to have more importance than the Widgets in their respective cartoons. The Twiggets also appeared in books... I hope they'll make it in the line at some point (beyond 2015). On the other hand, I'm not a fan of the Scientists or the Widgets... but I wouldn't mind them being made for MOTUC (this time not until 2020 )
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    what's a widget

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