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    OZ the Great and Powerful

    curious to see what people thought of the movie/?

    I have seen it, but i dont see a thread covering this topic.

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    I want to see it. It's nice to see they kept the same look to Oz but then again, WOO was made in the 30s and still has better SFX than most films today.

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    I watched the movie last Saturday and quite liked the film, it's a good movie and well worth seeing. They did a good job bringing together the Oz's/Prof. Marvel's background from the books, other pre-Dorothy Oz history, and other people & places from Oz to create the basis for the story and then build on it to flesh it out. And it was neat to see that not only did the movie bring in all this other stuff from the books but it was done in such a way that Oz:TGAP dovetails nicely with the 1939 film.

    I guess Disney is already thinking sequel, which would be 2-3 years away, it would be pretty cool if folks at Disney were clever enough to re-release Return to Oz in theaters for a new full theatrical run while they're making the new movie. That would keep Disney's Oz movies before the public eye and cut the wait down for the new film. And assuming Disney is interested in using the original books as the basis for future Oz movies, the new movie could be based on Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz which re-unites Dorothy and the Wizard.
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    It was alright - I sadly went in with expectations. I had recently been reading through the books, and while they are good, they start to get repetative after you get a good chunk of the books down. Still, with some work; they're ripe for turning into a film franchise! I was hoping they were gona go that route with this, but they just kinda...did their own thing. I shouldn't expect anything to not be tied to the original film's too much of an icon for anyone to make an Oz movie that does more book things than movie things.

    It was enjoyable though, save for the "WHOA THREEEE-DEEEE" moments where things jump at you and they're gone in seconds. Also the Wicked Witch's whole thing was kinda corny to me.
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    My wife and I saw it opening weekend and we both really enjoyed it.
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    It is not where I am that matters, it is when
    don't care if I ever see it again. Fortunately, it is no where near the insult to our intelligence like Dark Shadows and John Carter were last year. First off, I liked how the movie started out in black and white with a 4x3 picture with some of the effects flying across the black bars. That was well done and then when the movies goes into full 16x9 color, the effects were incredible. We ended up seeing it on the IMAX 3D due to Fandango's showtimes screw up, but it turned out to be worth it. It is by far the best looking 3D since Prometheus. There were some really great one liners and I liked how the final "battle" was done.

    However, the acting in the movie was atrocious, especially from Mina Kunis, who I thought was insulting the audience with every line of dialog she said. It was like she did not even care about the movie and just did it for a paycheck. James Franco was no different than every other character he has played in every movie, as no matter what he sees, he looks stoned. This guy has about as much emotion as Vin Diesel. Glenda was probably the worst character in the whole movie though as she was just your standard "I'm a good girl who believes in you" characters. Lastly, while I did like Elfman's score, a lot of it sounded like he just took it out of the second Spider-Man movie (plus, there were A LOT of cameos from actors in the Spider-Man Duology.

    Finally, I'm not sure what it is, but Disney seems to have no grasp of what to do with the stories. It's like they have come to the conclusion that they need to Lord of the Rings everything like they have with Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and John Carter, or just go over the top as they have with Dark Shadows and soon to be The Lone Ranger. In fact, The Long Ranger looks down right awful to the point that not even Johnny Depp will be able to save it. What happened to him? He used to be great at any and everything he did, did what he wanted to do, and now, it is as if Disney owns his soul.

    Overall, the movie was worth seeing in theaters, only because the 3D is the only thing worth seeing, if 3D isn't your thing though, don't even bother with a rental. I'd give it a 2.5/5.
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