In regards to international subscribers...what if the initial sign up fee for the 2014 subscription equated to $5 off the figure price? In other words, let's say 2014 would have 12 monthly figures and a sub exclusive. So, the subscription fee would be $65 dollars (13 x $5 = $65). That would result in the figures being charged at the monthly price of $20 each for the rest of the year. Would that help bring it back into a customs bracket that would work for international fans? If that is something that would work, why not? Especially if Mattel would still be receiving the same amount of money, per sub.

Of course, this amount could be adjusted if quarterly items return, but you get my point.

In regards to shipping, whatever happened to the idea of shipping through Amazon? That was mentioned at Powercon last year and then never brought up again. Charging a flat shipping fee through Amazon would be ideal. Plus, Amazon has an international distribution system.