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Thread: LAST CALL : Can Anybody Help Me On Vintage Style King Randor (V.1) ?

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    LAST CALL : Can Anybody Help Me On Vintage Style King Randor (V.1) ?

    Ok, I am asking here ONE more time before I hit evil-Bay !

    I am looking to buy King Randor (V.1), the vintage style version. I don't mind if he is in MOC Or Loose condition. As long as he is complete with NO paint issues, I have no problem ! If you have multiple of him, that would make the deal even sweeter. So PM me no matter how many you have !!

    BTW, I am also looking for these MOTUC Heads & Accessories. If you have any of these for sale, let me know !

    Heads & Body Parts :-

    Palace Guard Afro-American Head X 2

    King Hiss Snake Torso X 4

    Accessories :-

    Man-A-Arms 200X Power Sword X 5

    Original (1st) Teela Sword (NOT From Weapons Pak 3) X 4

    She-Ra Gold Power Sword X 2

    Weapons Pak II (Great Wars) Evil-Lyn Staff & Wand Set X 6

    Skeletor Havoc Staff X 2

    He-Ro Staff WITH Red Gem X 1

    Fearless Photog Camera Gun X 2

    Fearless Photog Shield X 2

    Leech Shoulder Pad X 2

    Slush Head Plug X 1

    Glory Bird Stand X 1

    BTW, I am also looking for some 200X figures. The list can be found here :-

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