View Poll Results: Should polls close automatically after a year??

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  • Yes, all those old polls are confusing

    27 67.50%
  • No, keep these open till the end of time

    7 17.50%
  • Meh.

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Thread: Should polls close automatically after a year??

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    Should polls close automatically after a year??

    Most of those polls popping up lately have already exceeded their best before date and suck out the air of polls from the present. Do you think polls should close automatically after at least a year to prevent misusage?
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    Yes! I love polls, but digging up these oldies is a bit pointless I think. I think they sjouke remain available to view though.
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    yeah, the old ones do get a bit confusing.....I'll be like sweet a new poll....then I'll see the date and be like ***! Don't get why people would drudge up outdated polls unless they're not realizing they're which case this would solve that!

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    Meh, sometimes the polls get outdated and are only applicable for particualr window of time.

    I haven't done one in a while, but the next time I do I will likely set an ending date on it.
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    Whoever is digging up the old polls should read first, then vote, It's stupid to vote on something so old and out of date. But Whatever on the poll closings, people should just stop dredging the pond and make new up to date polls instead. I'm sure that's not against the rules since the polls would be so different.
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    I voted yes. Same here, I log in and I'm like WOW new polls, just to see it's like "Will He-Ro be released" or "What was your favite SDCC reveal in 2009".....All polls are genuinly fun, infomrative and important....but so many are well out dated. I think they should be locked after a certain period of time, but still viewable of course.

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