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Thread: Parts for sale

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    Parts for sale

    US and Canada shipping only. Thanks,


    Fang man's sword


    Spy Monkey gold shield w/blue gem sold
    Spy Monkey orange shield w/green gem
    Spy Monkey orange shield w/red gem
    Spy Monkey purple shield w/light blue gem sold
    Gygor helmet
    Icarius backpack wings and guns
    Icarius head x2
    Webstor armor and hook pack
    Star Sisters' Glory bird
    Tallstar head
    Vykron space uniform
    Catra cape
    Catra shield
    Catra head
    Netossa shield
    Bubble She-ra gold cape
    Bubble She-ra armor and headdress armor
    Bubble She-ra gold shield
    Bubble She-ra head
    TRU She-ra head
    She-ra red cape
    Sir Laser Lot shield
    Sir Laser Lot head
    Grizzlor chest armor
    Grizzlor head
    Weapons pack Mer-man gold armor
    King Grayskull chest armor
    King Grayskull head
    Kronis head
    Trap Jaw head
    Whiplash classic head
    Skeletor armor
    Skeletor toothless head
    Dekker young head
    Marzo head
    Marzo head w/o hair
    Buzz Off helmet
    Kobra Khan 200x head
    Goddess headdress
    Goddess brown shield
    Snake men brown chest armor
    Snake men shield
    Snake men orange closed mouth head
    Snake men orange open mouth head
    Snake men yellow open mouth head
    Bow no mustache head
    Queen Marlena crowned head
    Weapons pack Beastman armor, one arm band
    Chief Carnivus armor
    Chief Carnivus shield x2
    Weapons pack Chief Carnivus shield x2
    Chief Carnivus head
    Palace Guard shield x9
    Palace Guard snake head
    Palace Guard toyguru head
    Palace Guard clamp champ head
    Palace Guard quidian head
    Custom He-man face in PG helmet
    Demo-man head
    Demo-man skull head
    Weapons rack red shield
    Photog shield
    Optikk silver shield x2
    He-man shield x3
    Weapons pack He-man blue shield
    Clawful shield x2
    King Hssss shield x2
    Custom PG Snake man face in King Hssss helmet
    Horde Prime antenna head

    More parts to post later...
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    Adora sword or shera silver weapons pack sword

    I am looking for an adora sword or a silver shera sword from the weapons pack? I live in south Africa but i can pay with PayPal. Luckily It's small package so shipping will be cheap, i don't mind first class shipping.
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    All PMs replied.

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    PM sent

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