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Thread: HUGE sealed vintage collection for sale. 43 items total!

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    HUGE sealed vintage collection for sale. 43 items total!

    Hey guys.

    As some of you already know, I’ve recently acquired quite a large collection of sealed vintage MOTU. Three shy of a complete set! I’ve kept a few figures for my own collection and I’m now selling off the rest. Many of the figures are the more desirable first edition versions marked “NEW!”

    I reserve the right to hold off on any single figure sales in favor of buyers who purchase in bulk, so it’s not necessarily first come first serve. I’ve done my research and think the prices are fair and in line with the going rate but I will work with you depending on what and how much you buy.

    I’ll ship worldwide but anything outside of the US will be via priority mail. Unfortunately I don’t have any extra Zoloworld cases, but if you have one you can send it to me to ship your figure in. Prices do not include shipping and paypal fees.

    Below is the complete list of everything for sale. I’ve graded the condition (C) solely based on the condition of the card (creases, dents, tears etc.), not the bubble or any card discoloration. I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking but if you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll do my best to answer them.

    Here’s the link to the pictures.

    PM me if you’re interested in anything.
    - manetoys

    NEW! = Card marked “new” – first edition.
    P = punched
    UP = unpunched
    Y = yellow bubble
    C = card/box grade out of 10

    Battle Armor He-Man NEW! P Y C7.5 $130 SOLD
    Battle Armor Skeletor NEW! P Y C8.5 $75 SOLD (Slight separation of the bubble from card on top right & bottom. Figure cannot be removed)
    Battle Ram C9.5+ $350 SOLD (Aside from the price tag, it’s case fresh condition.)
    Beast Man P Y C9 $200 SOLD
    Buzz-Off NEW! P Y C8.5 $85 SOLD
    Buzz-Saw Hordak P C8.5+ $170 SOLD
    Clamp Champ UP C7.5 $75 SOLD (Small dent to bottom left corner of bubble.)
    Evil-Lyn P Y C9 $75 SOLD
    Extendar NEW! P C8 $75
    Faker P Y C9 (EBAY) SOLD
    Fisto P Y C9 (EBAY) SOLD
    Flying Fists He-Man UP C9 $250 SOLD
    Grizzlor NEW! P C9 $115 SOLD
    Gwildor NEW! P C8 $75 SOLD(Right side of bubble has what looks to be dried up slime from a leaked canister of slime compound.)
    Hordak NEW! P C8 $80 SOLD
    Jitsu NEW! P Y C9 $80 SOLD (Very slight bubble separation above Jitsu’s head due to dried up glue.)
    King Hiss NEW! P C9 $115 SOLD
    Kobra Khan NEW! P Y C8.5 $75 SOLD
    Leech NEW! P C7 $40 SOLD (Flap crease.)
    Mantenna NEW! P Y C9 $70 SOLD
    Mekaneck NEW! P Y C8 $100 SOLD
    Mer-Man P Y C9 $130 SOLD
    Moss Man NEW! P Y C9 $100 SOLD
    Orko NEW! P Y C9 $140 SOLD
    Point Dread & Talon Fighter C7.5 $130 SOLD
    Prince Adam NEW! P Y C8.5 $300 SOLD
    Rattlor NEW! P Y C9 $75 SOLD
    Rio Blast NEW! P C8 $70 SOLD (Bubble dent on bottom left hand corner & on top of head.)
    Roboto NEW! P Y C9 $100 SOLD
    Rokkon NEW! P Y C8 $50 SOLD
    Snout Spout NEW! P C7.5 $70 SOLD
    Sorceress NEW! P C8.5 (EBAY) SOLD
    Spikor NEW! P C8.5 $100 SOLD
    Sssqueeze NEW! UP C8 $125 SOLD (Glue dried up on bottom and left side. I had to pull the card away to show separation. Card snaps right back into place once let go. Figure can’t be removed. Hairline crack at bubble base.)
    Stinkor NEW! P Y C9+ $125 SOLD
    Stonedar NEW! P Y C8 $50 SOLD
    Stratos P Y C8.5 (EBAY) SOLD
    Teela P Y C9 (EBAY) SOLD
    Tri-Klops NEW! P Y C9 $200 SOLD
    Tung Lashor NEW! P Y C8.5 $65 SOLD
    Webstor NEW! P Y C8.5 $85 SOLD
    Whiplash NEW! P Y C8.5 $150 SOLD
    Zodac P Y C8 (EBAY) (Extremely small dent to bottom left hand corner of bubble.) SOLD
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