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Thread: Don't want your Fang Man? Sell or Trade?

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    Don't want your Fang Man? Sell or Trade?

    I've read that many are not happy with their Fang Man and are considering selling him. My question to you all that are would be are you willing to trade him for other figures? Or is selling the only option for you?
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    I'm waiting for mine to arrive and then I might do trade for Zodak with his new head ;-)
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    I'm keeping mine, he's not my favorite figure, I love Filmation, but I would have preferred other characters like Batros or Icer to have been in his spot instead, but at least I'm getting those in the Filmation sub. So, no biggie on keeping him, he's still a decent figure, and once the other Filmation dudes arrive....he'll have good company, he's already got Randor, which looks less Filmation, with Fang Man standing near him.
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