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Thread: 2nd Custom Vintage Snake Man Soldier

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    2nd Custom Vintage Snake Man Soldier

    My 2nd Vintage Custom Snake Man Soldier is based on the 2012 MOTU Classics Snake Men 2-Pack. I thought that itís a wonderful idea to create a whole Snake Man Army and to bump up their numbers a bit. Check out my Vintage Masters of the Universe Facebook page at - for updates. You can also see the Making of my 2nd Snake Man Soldier. While you are there, kindly like my FB page please.

    Please like my cool MOTU Universe FaceBook page at:

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    Very nice Pottie. They are both super awesome!

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    As I said on FB....VERY AWESOME.
    All of my VINTAGE MOTU customs are here:

    All of my VINTAGE MOTU "CONCEPT" customs are here:

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    Verry cool custom and I dig the desert colors.
    Only thing I mis, if I may be so free, is a patern on his back like a diamondback snake or something like that. But that's just me and if I see a cool custom my brains work like that.... Sorry for that.
    Nope.... nothing here! Just a link to my site with customs!

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