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Thread: Construction Mistakes

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    Construction Mistakes

    saw these while just messing around on the intermawebbies and just had to share them

    in no particular order

    it amazes me that not one of the builders / plumbers / whoever looked at the designs and thought "well that's just stupid, obviously there has been a mistake"

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    LOL, funny stuff.....but I wonder......are these actual photos or photoshopped.....

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    The train tracks are probably long out of service, but not worth ripping up. Even without the patio you'd not build right at the rails.

    I've seen the driveway pole before- it's actually a wide driveway with a 2-car garage.

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    I should post a picture of me at work, that's a construction mistake. I hate the ****ing industry.
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    This just proves that some people blindly follow orders instead of using common sense. Though in my experience common sense isn't really all that common

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