Hey Masters,
I need:

- 1 "pelvis" with leg connectors (or the whole buck if you prefer, without head/legs/arms/dresses/accessories), female 1.0. The ideal would be Marlena/Glenn's, but I could use also She-Ra 1.0, Adora, BG or non-BG Evil-Lyn, Teela...

I'm also interested in any of the following:

- 1 Adam's "smirking" head (The one different from He-Man's. To be used as is, not to be painted, so without scratches and with decent paint application).

- 1 He-Ro's trans-blue power-sword.

- 1 BG Evil-Lyn's glow-in-the-dark staff orb part (only the upper part of the staff, with the orb, not the whole staff)

To be shipped to Italy.