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    wtb tons of accessories

    After completing my eternia id like to repair the 200 figures lot i bought recently. I dont intend to complete them with weapons or accessories. I want to repair legs and so far built "armies". Got dozen of stratos hordaks prince adam skelly etc etc. Some are in great shape really. Only broken legs i repair with the onion ring method an orger linked on the board.
    Here are my needs for now as i havent checked all the figures yet :-)
    Edit Well hum i have decided to search for more accessories :-)

    Grizzlor armor x2, bow x2 and a face only
    Hordak 1 head and legs x2 pairs
    Man e faces legs + 3 guns
    Spikor body (torso) no need for a head and 2 maces
    Faker torso
    Skeletor heads x6
    Heman head x6
    Blast attack left side
    King hiss the green arms, staff, shield
    Extendar 2 shields
    Flying fist heman weapon
    Thunder punch heman shield and sword
    Stinkor shield and 1 armor
    Mossman mace x3
    Jet sled one wing blue canon
    Hurricane hordak all weapons
    Trap jaw hook and gun 1 green belt
    Terror claw skeletor all accessories
    Triclops 2 swords
    Jitsu 3 armors and 3 swords
    Horde trooper back armor and staff
    Beastman arm shields x2
    Stratos right blue wing
    Stratos one jet pack + pair of wings
    Leech bow
    Webstor front armor and hook
    Ninjor everything
    Adam sword x3
    Syklone head ring , shield x2
    Rokkon / stonedar weapons
    Cobra kahn gun x 3
    Zodac armor
    Teela shield + staff
    Clawfull pinchor
    Hordak cape x3 bow x3
    Man at arms mace

    No need for these parts to be in perfect conditions (hair with wear, dirty)

    As always thank you.
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