I just stumbled upon the io9 review of the new GI Joe movie, and the way it's described really lifted my spirits and rekindled my hopes for the upcoming He-Man movie. I know people are concerned about Jon Chu directing it, but some of the things here are exactly what I would like He-Man movie to be and I hope he captures it again.

Retaliation feels like G.I. Joe — not like the cartoon, not just like the comic, but what people loved about the franchise (especially the toys). Director Jon M. Chu gets it. It’s like he made a checklist about what made G.I. Joe special, and decided Retaliation was gonna have all of it.
Now that would be awesome for He-Man. With all the canons around, early mini comics, cartoon, toys and packaging tidbits, 200x, Star Comics, DC comics... there is really no one true source. But there is this feeling we all have when we think of MOTU, there is some essence we all remember. And it seems like he tried to capture exactly that in the GI Joe movie. Now, granted, I haven't actually seen the movie, nor am I a GI Joe fan, so I can't really say how successful it really is, but the guys over at io9 seem pretty impressed. I love how they described that the movie is like a kid's play come to life.

Now, another thing - people often say they want the new MOTU movie to be gritty, realistic... people talk of The Dark Knight or 300 when they describe their preferred style. I have never been a fan of that, honestly. Dark Knight is awesome for itself, but that's not MOTU for me. MOTU always has been and IMO it always needs to be a little goofy, a little out of this world (and out of this logic). It needs to be fun! The review lists this as one of the major selling points of the movie "A simultaneously goofy and cool Cobra plot to take over the world" That is EXACTLY what I would love the movie to be - fun, action packed, and preserve some of the silliness of the original material. The last thing MOTU needs is to take itself too seriously and become just another pretentious forgettable summer flick.

Between the entertainment on screen and the brisk pacing, there’s practically no time to think about the film’s plot holes and problems [...] when I realized them, I thought, “Well, that doesn’t make much sense, but I’m having such a good time. Who cares?”


Retaliation isn’t a perfect movie by any means — no one’s going to confuse it with Citizen Kane — but it’s a completely sold action movie while being a thoughtful love letter to G.I. Joe fans. But it’s not slavish devotion — Chu truly cherry picks the essence of G.I. Joe, and brings out its best to the big screen in a way that should entertain hardcore fans and mass audiences alike.
Now, that is exactly what I want. That is what has me all excited again for the MOTU movie which - I must say - I started to lose hope for. If he has a similar approach to MOTU, and I don't see why not, and if he actually succeeds in it it would be so amazing.

I used to be a little skeptical about Jon Chu, but now I'm sold. I can't wait to see GI Joe: Retaliation and if this review is an accurate portrayal then I'm all for Chu directing MOTU!

sorry, I can't post a link to the review because of some inappropriate language, but you guys can just go to io9 and find it.