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Thread: Filmation-style Keldor, Demo-man and Skelcon

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    Filmation-style Keldor, Demo-man and Skelcon

    Hello, my name is Daimar and this here are three pics I did of Keldor, Demo-Man and a Skelcon warrior (Skeletors henchmen, from the Ladybird books), in Filmation style.
    Truth be told, they are traced from modelsheets and modified. Keldor is Skeletor with the head of Lucien from the Star Trek animated series episode "the magicks of Megas-Tu", Demo-Man hass Chymeras body (count Marzos henchman) with the head traced from the motuc figure and the Skelcon has Webstors body, with some furr and a head, that I drew myself. Hope you like them.

    Cheers, Daimar.
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    That Keldor face is pretty hilariously unattractive (while still resembling Keldor)....and yet I can totally imagine Alan O's Skeletor voice coming out of that face!

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