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Thread: Looking to trade for Prime voyager's

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    Looking to trade for Prime voyager's

    I need Prime voyager's NIB. Specifically, Bulkhead and Megatron. I figure Maybe I can get one or even both via trade.

    Other Transformer Items wanted
    TF Prime commander class Starscream.
    Bot shots Super Bot sentinel prime
    Generations Trax
    TF Prime cyberverse breakdown, mirage, evac, soundwave, and vehicon

    All items NISB unless noted

    Prime commander class Dreadwing

    Generations Wheeljack
    Generations Junkheap

    DOTM Shockwave Fusion Tank
    DOTM Autobot Arc
    DOTM Ratchet Lunar Crawler
    DOTM Starscream Orbital Carrier
    DOTM half-track
    DOTM Bumblebee
    DOTM Cyberfire Bumblebee
    DOTM Nitro Bumblebee
    (ask for any other DOTM deluxe's)

    TRON legacy 3-man light jet
    TRON Legacy Deluxe Figures set of 4
    TRON Legacy Deluxe light cycles set of 3
    TRON Legacy Light Runner

    Thundercats 6" Classic Mumm-ra
    Thundercats lizard canon
    Thundercats 6" Cheetara
    Thundercats 6" modern Mumm-ra
    Thundercats 4" Lion-o
    Thundercats 8" Lion-o
    Thundercats 6" Panthro
    Thundercats Eye of Thundera pack
    Thundercats Tiger Flyer
    Thundercats storm charger (loose, complete)

    Halo Guilty spark
    Halo 4 Master chief

    Hobbit 6" figures set of 5

    MIB3 Deluxe Agent K
    MIB3 Deluxe Agent J
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