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Thread: motu sdcc 2009 art book prototypes/ four horsemen questions

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    motu sdcc 2009 art book prototypes/ four horsemen questions

    hi, all. i just finished reading the motu sdcc 2009 art book and i have 2 questions regarding prototype images from the 200x line shown in the book. 1st let me start by saying that i'm just getting back into the line since 2002. so i have haven't a clue as to what the four horsemen have worked besides he-man.

    so on to my 1st topic/questions. who is "a space warrior influenced by the vintage zodac" character shown on page #40 in the silver armor? is there anymore images, possibly showing the back of the figure, and/or info of this figure anywhere?

    my 2nd question regards the barbaric he-man shown on page #41. "a more barbaric look which eventually was used as the basis for King Graykull". this figure looks more a star wars prequel/ kung-fu fighter look to him. my question is basically the same as above. are there anymore info/images on this character in printed form or online?

    3rd did the four horsemen work on the batman begins figures at all? the reason i ask is the space warrior upper torso and arms/biceps reminds and/or looks the batman the dark knight movie masters figure that came with a mini replica of his mask from 2008 released by mattel from that film.

    i would really like to know more about the 2 designs of these prototypes by the four horsemen.

    i corrected the above text to include the batman figure that i own and which version so that everyone can reference it.
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