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Thread: MOTUC joints loosening over time, despite not changing poses?

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    MOTUC joints loosening over time, despite not changing poses?

    I was rearranging my collection today and noticed that many joints of the older figures seems to be loosening with age. I almost never change the poses of my figures, or if I do it is minor. Particularly the ones with the exposed ankle pegs seem to have problems. I only noticed because I always thought I was relatively lucky with the lack of loose joints/bobble head on my collection. Some notable ones are Faceless One, who can barely stand at this point under the weight of his cape, Man-e-Faces, and definately my original Skeletor, who over time starts to do a split This is not even speaking of some my other older figs that have been rotated out of my limited shelf space.

    So that said, has anyone else noticed this, or am I losing my mind? I really home these guys are built to last, and this is not a sign of "premature aging".

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    You're not imagining it. It's happened to my Tytus, and in the few months of owning Netossa- she went from having fine joints to can't even stand her up for more than a few minutes without her falling over. Had the same thing happen to Catra... I even bought a second one and opened it to have the same thing occur several months later. I enjoy these figures, but they are not made to last at all. Granted, not every single one of them has this happen, but it's definitely "a thing".

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    It's happening to me too.... On my own joints. My knees joints aren't as tight as before. Guess it's not just a toy thing!
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    Now that’s what you call a “knee jerking” reaction !

    Well Yep ! My Catra can barely stand as well. Not sure what to about that........ maybe a drop od super glue can do the trick ??
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    Perhaps because some figures get 'oily' after a while? I usually clean it with soap and warm water and then dab a little 'clear' paint on the joints (although it's kinda hard to reach some deep joints like inner shoulder)

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    My Catra has very loose knees now and I've noticed my TOD Sorceress seems to be getting looser too. My Prince Adam had really tight ankles out of the package.....which I know was incredibly lucky.....but alas they too have become a lot looser.

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    All mine are still just as tight as day one they went on display, and I've even handled them rearranging the display at least a hundred times....the ones that were loose are no looser than they were, and many had to be fixed from the box just to get to, no, none of mine are showing any signs of loosening from just standing.

    However I too have issues with Catra, and always have, I never tried to fix her yet, but with constantly moving my display around, she has become a little harder to keep standing, especially being so back heavy. But it's due to me having to reposition her to keep her standing constantly, not from loosening on her own.

    But as I said, none of mine are loosening on their own, and 3/4 of them have been standing since October, the new ones have been standing since their subsequent releases.
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