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Thread: Would you continue subbing if

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    Would you continue subbing if

    Let's say they finish with most vintage, pop, filmation, na in 2015 and they continue the line for 2016 would you sub knowing that there will be mostly na and a few vintage here and there and and maybe new characters. Or would you be done with the line because you got all the vintage one's

    I for one will

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    absolutely, there are a lot of charcters that deserve the same threatment the vintage lines had
    and honestly I'd rather have some surprise during the sub year line-up instead of knowing whats coming next.
    next years we'll have a lot of great and fan demanded figures....but we already know who they'lle be, and it kinda sucks.

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    im in till the end... id do a year script of all concept if they had one..or thats what it turned out to be,...
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    Definitely. I for one want more NA figures - and seeing these smaller figures recreated in the MOTUC style is for me one of the most satisfying elements of collecting Classics!

    And I want more POP too. It's not all about the vintage. For me this line doesn't limit itself to just wanting the figures I owned as a kid or have major nostalgic memory for. Plus I am a completist. Gotta catch 'em all. PokeMOTU!
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    It would be tough to justify at this point. Up to now, I have been an 'all-in' guy, but with the average cost of a single figure shipped being in the $35 area, and who knows what it will cost come 2016, that'd be a tough sell for new and concept figures.

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    id still be in... full 12 figures a year... cant say i love em all, but i like em all

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    I'd still sub up. I am on board with the importance of getting to the vintage & pop, etc characters, but I very much welcome an expansion to the mythos.
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    I'll keep subbing even after the vintage figures are completed. I'm all in unless something drastic happens to my financial situation.

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    Yes! This is really the only thing I collect with any frequency. As long as they make Masters related figures, I will sub.

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    I would definitely be subbing up at the current price if they were to do this. I am interested in comic and cartoon characters and seeing that we may not get many in the next couple years, I would sub up to get some more.

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    I'm in until the end.

    I still have characters and variants that I want beyond the original Vintage MOTU, POP and NA characters. The sooner we get these older characters out of the way, the sooner we can get to things like a Teela 2.0, Earl Norem snakes King Hsss, Filmation Hordak, Anwat Gar Sy-Klone or Snake Armor He-Man.

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    I would as long as whatever was announced/revealed looked good and interested me.

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    I'm in. I've really come to appreciate POP and NA because of this line. I gave both a pass as a young guy, and started watching them once it was known that they'd be in this line.

    I also love getting new characters. I agree that it's probably best they focus on the vintage main characters now, but I really hope to see more concepts, box art characters, various "bible" rejects, etc. in the future.

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    Absolutely,especially if what's been said somewhere else turns out to be true:
    "4 horsemen doing many and many imaginary characters."
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    Pretty much the ONLY way I would consider subbing would be if we got the full list of characters to be released.

    Maybe give us a list of 24 characters and say these are the ones they're doing over the next TWO years, but the order and exact month they're released will be TBD.

    But even that wouldn't likely hook me, because at this point in the line chances are I'd only be interested in about half of the list.

    So barring that, interesting sub-lines, like a "Deluxe 2.0" sub of 6 figures a year giving us "Ultimate" versions of King Hiss, He-Man, Teela, Beast Man, etc.

    Or as mentioned in the other thread, a "4H Original Characters" sub-line.

    But neither of those two awesome ideas is likely to ever happen, so yeah, pretty much count me out.

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    Heroic Warrior enoch's Avatar
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    Im all in til the end

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    Heroic Warrior
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    No way.
    No interest at all in NA, or new characters.

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    I imagine that I would be, a lot will depend on the cost at that time. I would be interested in getting the rest of the NA characters though. If it becomes really heavy on "Son of He-Man" era figures that might kill my enthusiasm a bit, but it depends on how the figures would turn out.
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    All the way to the end and I think the first year after the "main" figures are done, would be really exciting to see what we could get
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    I probably will. I've got almost everyone to date (aside from Gygor - though I'll get one eventually), so I would probably be in until the end.
    Right or wrong, buying a sub tells Mattel you want more MOTUC figures. Not buying does tells them you don't. Don't let MOTUC end early because you might not like their marketing strategy! Plus polls show you won't regret subbing!

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    I would continue to sub as long as the line does not become overrun with variants. If a future line is just variants, then I would probably not sub.

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    I think the 2016 line would actually have several Fan demanded Filmation / 200X characters and concpet figures that people really want : Illumniara / King Miro / Calix / Evil Seed etc...worth at least one really good year.

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    I'm in it until they no longer make any figures.
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    I'm in until the end... I have bought at least one of everything, even the characters I don't care for
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    I am in all the way until the end....AND I for one want more NA figures
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