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Thread: SPECULATION - In the MOTUC canon are the 2 different He-Ro's actaully the same guy?

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    Hasn't He-Ro I had enough indignities heaped on him in Classics continuity (the name 'Ro', the loss of "Most Powerful Wizard in the Universe" status, the sudden death, not even being the archenemy of a major villain) already without confusing him with He-Ro II?

    I've toyed with a 'future' He-Ro going back to Preternia in some of my own story ideas, but that's a way to get him into 200X continuity without having to sideline, transform or ignore King Grayskull. I also use it to bring in my re-conceptions of the Three Towers, Light Hope, Horde Prime, the 'Goddess', and other elements that would take some work to fit into 200X after "The Power of Grayskull". It would bring things full circle by having He-Ro hide the power within a young Grayskull, though.

    And to be honest, Dare/He-Ro II has never clicked for me. As far as I'm concerned, He-Man wins the ultimate battle against Skeletor, finds a worthy queen (maybe Teela, maybe not--I've always had a soft spot for Castaspella if Teela's unavailable) and rules Eternia in a new era of peace. She-Ra helps defeat/reform the Horde Empire and lives out her life with Sea Hawk on Etheria, although she travels to Eternia quite often.

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    Come on guys...... the page for CG characters vote clearly read, He-Ro II !
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    While I can accept combing He-Ro with another character like King Grayskull (thus taking back He-Ro's original role from KG), I'm not at all fond of combining him with Dare, in part because I don't like the idea of He-Man's son dying in the past--and with a younger He-Man present but hardly noticing it as well. That's just not in any way satisfying to me. I like He-Ro being a character actually from the past and instrumental to the origin of Grayskull, not a tourist from the future. Now Eldor, yeah, him I could buy being from the future in a sort of TH White's Merlin type twist. But not Dare or Gray.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbagok View Post
    Now Eldor, yeah, him I could buy being from the future in a sort of TH White's Merlin type twist. But not Dare or Gray.
    I am beginning to see bits and pieces in the original line that suggest Eldor may actually have been Adam--the coyness about his origin in the style guide and the cardback, the resemblance of his cloak to He-Man's disguise in "The Powers of Grayskull--The Legend Begins!", the similarity in his leggings and tunic to Adam's leggings, and the whole "you need this disguise for reasons that will become clear to you in the future!" bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krosfyah View Post
    That's why Spector is an abomination unto this line. while I was happy with the planned preternia stuff in the old series, this time agents crap is just that, IMO. it opens too many holes and makes everything so convoluted. I don't mind time travel when used SPARRINGLY but as someone's power it just makes everything so 'meh'. if they did it like Quantum Leap or BTTF where it's the main character's story, that's fine, but if (and under Scott it sometimes feels like a BIG if) He-Man is the main hero, time travel should NOT be a major story point, unless it's like Preternia or NA where a good chunk of the story takes place in that time.
    Thats exactly why they came up with this time agent crap so that Spector remains to be a main character and the bio's will end up being too convoluted to make any sense.As for Spector himself (whom i hate),with this line he is more the hero than He-man,with him able to control the cosmic key he is basically the most powerfull character in the line,dictating who,what,where,when in the story.

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    I'm still waiting until they reveal that the Unnamed One is a Mighty Spector possessed by Skeletor's demonic spirit.

    It all makes sense, the merging of Demo Man with Skeletor makes it so that Skeletor is also part demonic spirit. When He-Man kills him, Skeletor 'died' but his spirit lived on where he possessed the Mighty Spector and then used the time travel technology to go way back in time where he became the Unnamed One. Of course when the Mighty Spector disappeared, King He-Man just assumed that the Mighty Spector perished during the mission or ran out of time bullets.

    So with Skeletor having gone so far back in time, he can orchestrate everything. He's the one who finds Demo Man and eventually sends him on his failed mission to Despondos, since he knows Demo Man is the key to his long term survival.

    Then he creates the Snake Men and begins playing a multi-dimensional galactic game of chess so that the Horde and Snake Men find their way to Eternia, having all of the events as we know it unfold. Skeletor is wise enough to know he can't change time and has to bide his time, but at least being an undead spirit gives him immortality and the time to acquire brand new spells and knowledge.

    The Great Black Wizard ends up being one of Skeletor's creations as well, which is why he's a skull faced villain. Plus he ends up being the son he never knew.

    Eventually, the final battle will consist of Unnamed Skeletor, Skeleteen and Great Black Wizard vs He-Man, She-Ra and He-Ro II. Evil-Lyn pleads with the heroes to spare her son's life in exchange for the solution to defeating Skeletor for good as she informs them he is bound to Demo Man. Sorceress Teela uses the spell of separation unmerging the two, Demo Man gains his freedom at last, Skeletor reverts to Keldor and his spirit goes to join the rest of his family. The Great Black Wizard falls into a pile of bones as Skeletor's magic was sustaining him this whole time, Skeleteen repents and has his magic stripped, the Mighty Spector's vacant body crumbles to dust and MOTUC ends on a happy ever after note.
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    You could write a cool fan fic about that being true, or make a compelling argument as to why and or how it is true.

    But no, it's not the case.

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