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Thread: Grayskull (with box), Snake Mountain, vehicles for sale/trade!

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    Grayskull (with box), Snake Mountain, vehicles for sale/trade!

    I am looking to sell or trade some vintage playsets and vehicles for some figures and figure accessories I need!

    Attachment 83793Attachment 83794Attachment 83795Attachment 83796Attachment 83797

    THe Grayskull is great except that the peg that connects the throne to the floor is half missing. It still works the trap door and displays well but I wanted to mention it. Box is included.

    ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE!!! Also, my loose figure/accessory trade list is below as well!

    Castle Grayskull - loose complete with box - $100 SOLD
    Snake Mountain - loose complete - $50 SOLD
    Stridor - loose complete - $10
    Roton - with extra sticker sheet - $15
    Zoar - with armor but no perch - $5
    Point Dread and Talon Fighter - loose complete, no stickers (one wing is missing a tab but it connects fine) - $20

    loose complete Rio Blast (mint as possible)
    pink/peach Mekaneck armor
    Jitsu armor
    Clawful armor

    Thanks for looking!
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