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Thread: Proof that the SKELETEEN concept came from the late 1980's...

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    Proof that the SKELETEEN concept came from the late 1980's...

    Well, apparently eagle eyed 13977 was digging through this screen shot from the powerpoint presentation of the MOTUC reveals back in July of 2011 (at 2011 SDC) and noticed an interesting factoid -

    Notice one the very last line it says "meet SkeleTeen on his own ground."

    This seems to be proof that the name SkeleTeen did indeed originate from the old New Adventures ("Dare armor" version) prototype material from the late eighties/early nineties...and shows that Scott Neitlich didn't just come up with the name like some have speculated

    I hope one day we get to see the whole early-NA/Dare/Skeleteen bible as it's prob got some super interesting infos in it!

    (I feel particularly stupid as I actually tried to decipher the above back when it was shown at SDCC 2011, and completely missed the SkeleTeen bit! Duh!!!)


    EDIT: In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if the reason one of the versions of NA Skeletor had a pony tail, was because he was based on the design for a cool early-nineties teen SkeleTeen, and that design got carried over when they decided to stick with Skeletor as the main villain...

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