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Thread: MOTUC Kosse's HORDE GENERAL Custom

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    MOTUC Kosse's HORDE GENERAL Custom

    Been working on this guy for two weeks. Watched a Pixel Dan review of the heads, saw the Horde General and knew I had to have it. I loved the Legion of Super Heroes as a kid and their nemeses the Fatal Five. Fatal Five means Tharok and the Horde General reminded me of him. Contacted Herr Kosse directly and he referred me to "Dark Dimensions 44" where I ordered the Horde General head. Unpainted. Arrived a little over a week after I ordered it. VERY clean casting of the head with absolutely no flash or sanding or anything extra needed on my part, other than paint, blood, sweat and tears. I saw "Captain America 3" around the same time the head came, so maybe that's what inspired me to make his right arm cybernetic, a la the Winter Soldier. Or maybe it was Tharok again. Used a Buzzsaw Hordak body and Dremeled the toes off the feet to make them more knight-like. Also Dremeled the glove-ridge off the right arm. Facial/eye shading inspired by Dave Vanian of The Damned. Gave the General a scar on the left side of his face to balance things out (in my eyes, anyway). Very pleased with the results.

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