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Thread: Help with Figure Identification Please

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    Help with Figure Identification Please

    A friend posted this and there are a few I have no idea.

    1) ?
    2) ?
    3) ?
    and for bonus points, who is 4)?

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    #1 Kind of looks like Hiro Yamato from the Corps, but it's tough to tell at this angle.

    #3 is a Soaron Sky Sentry from Captain Power
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    1. 2nd figure (wilykat) from thundercats

    2. 2nd figure (king hiss) from motu, 3rd figure (two badd) from motu, and 4th figure (snout spout) from motu as well

    3. 2nd figure is (rock steady) from tmnt, & the 4th figure is captain America from marvel.
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    n.2 is piro from fantasy world by soma.

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