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Thread: Defiance - SyFy TV Show & Trion's MMO video game.

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    well I tried playing the game again today. After about an hour of playing I had had enough and don't know when I will be back on. I have also deleted all the episodes of the TV show from my PVR and unselected the "record series" option as I have had it with Defiance, both the game and the show

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    Love this show, still. My reviews of the episodes I've been remiss about updating here:

    Episode 1X07 - Goodbye, Blue Sky

    I thought this was actually not the strongest entry of the series. I liked the focus on Irisa and the widening of the divide between her and Nolan. It gives her some interesting character notes to play, but I do look forward to the day she gets to develop more relationships.
    The resurrection by nanites struck me as a bit silly, though. How do nanites protect against being dissolved by acid? I thought the Nikki/Rafe confrontation was pretty great. I liked how Nikki tricked him. I am still a bit annoyed that Rafe suddenly knew Nikki was no good a few episodes back when we'd previously been led to believe that she'd pulled the wool over everyone's eyes. I enjoyed the Stahma/Kenya stuff because it actually has repercussions for the characters and wasn't just about showing two women in bed or something. The show's too smart for that.

    Episode 1X08 - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times

    The story felt a bit familiar, though I can't remember where I'd seen it before. But the basic idea was well executed.
    I thought the final scene with the astronaut and his wife was well-handled. It does make you wonder where they go from there, though. I liked Rafe's emotional adoption of the astronaut, though I feel bad for Quentin that a stranger seems to get more instantaneous affection that he does! LOL. It was great to have Gale Harold around. I hope he keeps coming back around. He is great with Amanda and fleshes out that character a ton. I thought we got a lot of great insight into her, and she's not as boring as some try to paint her. Glad the Stahma/Kenya stuff was picked up again. But I am kind of surprised at how stupid Kenya was playing it. I'd not want to cross Datak. As Stahma said, she needs to start playing smarter.

    1x09 - "If I Ever Leave This World Alive"

    I found this a pretty intense episode. A lot of great scheming by Datak.
    But I'm really sorry to see Conner go. I actually think he was great for Amanda's character, but at least he gave us some more insight into her before he was gone. I just would have liked to see more occasional sparring with Nolan.

    The internment of the Iraths was pretty powerful stuff, though I thought the resolution was too sudden with seemingly little in the way of repercussions. Even with Nolan and Irisa.

    Nikki now has her hands on the golden pretzel of doom! It was interesting to hear what happened to Rafe's wife, and that Rafe and Nikki had an affair. Nikki could be lying about that, but actually it would FINALLY make sense of why Rafe knew Nikki was a bad apple if they had that much history together.

    I hope Doc Yewll doesn't align with Nikki too long. I don't want her to end up dead or something. She's too good a character! I did think it was a bit odd that Kenya wasn't in this episode, since her sister was dying! I'm all for focusing on certain characters, but there are times when the omission of certain characters really stand out.

    1x10 "The Bride Wore Black"

    Man, it's in episodes like these where all the character build-up in previous episodes really starts to pay off. These are fully three dimensional beings whose lives I'm invested in now. I really love the interplay between the various cast members.

    I thought the show established the character of Hunter Bell well, and gave everyone a legitimate reason to hate him, want him dead and also lie right to Nolan's face. We also got a good window into quite a few of the characters at the same time. We got to see a little of Tommy before he was the deputy, a little of Kenya's pain, and I really do think Amanda would kill for Kenya.

    I also enjoyed the interactions between Stahma and Datak here. It's a pleasure to watch Stahma work. And the rare break in her demeanor to Datak was excellent. That she supports Alac and Christy's wedding even after Rafe undermines their plans was genuinely touching. I really do believe she isn't just plotting for the mine here. When she is talking about Alac seeing beauty in the "pink skins" she's clearly talking about the beauty she's found in Kenya, too. Speaking of Rafe, he had quite a few great moments. I love that no one on this show is stupid. Rafe figured out the Tar's plans, and he's having none of it. I also liked his line "Does this skin look pink to you?"

    Tommy and Irisa were a pleasure to watch as well. When Irisa showed up at the wedding - it was a great moment. First of all, it was interesting to see Irathient formal wear. And she still had her knives!

    But the best moment had to be Doc Yewll's. One of my favorites from the start, her scene with Nikky had to be one of the most satisfying of the entire series so far. Ding dong, I say! Also, I love that the show can surprise so much.
    Just when you think a plot is going one way, they are more than willing to zag.

    1x11 "Past is Prologue"

    After last week's shocking death of the person who we thought might be the main antagonist of the show, the big question I think a lot of us were asking was "where do we go from here?" I mean, it's not like there's no other plot lines, but the golden pretzel of doom seemed to be the key to the season arc, at least. Was Doc Yewll putting it away at the end of the episode?

    The answer is, to the latter question - of course not! But we don't really know where it's going still. I guess we'll find out in the finale. The writer's very clearly did not want to tell us much about this plot this week. We have no idea what Yewll's motivations might be (as she didn't want to mess with the artifact before) or what she thought she'd accomplish.

    And that's okay, because the mayoral race took the stage, a bit, this week. And it was far more interesting than you'd think it'd be. The Tarr's setting up of Nolan was masterfully orchestrated. The fact that the Kenya/Stahma plot might have been part of this long game (I think... do you think Stahma told Datak everything?) should not have been surprising, but it was. I honestly thought this was a genuine character development. And there's part of me that thinks that there was a lot of truth to their relationship, even if Stahma's ultimate goal was to further Datak's goal. Her talk with Kenya was a real revelation for the character and a reminder that the Casti have a truly "alien" mindset, which is incredibly interesting. I don't think their horrible manipulation of their son would cause them to lose a wink of sleep either. He's just expected to fall in line to further the family's goals.

    Poor Kenya, if someone does bit it next week I think she's the most likely candidate. But, the show has had a way of surprising. Just because Kenya might seem one of the more disposable characters at this point (and really give Amanda something to hate Datak for) doesn't mean she'll die. Or anyone will. The preview said someone will meet their fate, but that could be a reference to whatever is happening to Irisa.

    Speaking of Irisa, I'm looking forward to her getting out of this plot line. I don't hate the vision thing, but I think she's such an interesting character I want other stuff for her to play.

    The Nolan/Amanda scenes were really sweet. Amanda's at her best interacting with Nolan, I think. They play off each other so well. Her fierce loyalty is one of her defining characteristics, but Nolan quite firmly sets her straight, and he's totally right. Of course, then he goes and beats up Datak before heading out of town, which shows a little lack of tact. But damn, it was satisfying. The show likes to remind us that, though he talks a big game, Datak is more bark than bite if he doesn't have a good to work for him (or, I suspect, Stahma to tell him what to do.) And to me this makes him a more interesting character, not a weaker one.

    Man, I love this show! Only one more episode to go, but I really do think it's gone from an enjoyable show to a truly interesting and well-done one. It's not always perfect, but I feel like with each episode it only gets more layered and intriguing. I hope they can keep this up for the finale and season 2!
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