I have weapons from the first three weapons packs to trade for a Sir Laserlot loin cloth they are all listed below, pm me if interested. Thanks!!
Ultimate Battleground weapons pack
blue power sword
blue shield
blue axe
red Beastman whip
red Stratos armor
pink Zodac armor
pink Zodac gun
pink Zodac staff
yellow Beastman armor
grey Mossman club

Great Wars weapons pack

Purple Evil Lyn staff (short and long)
Purple Evil Lyn knife
gold Randor staff
gold Whiplash weapon
black Optikk shield
black Optikk gun
gold Merman trident
gold Merman sword
gold Merman armor
all 3 black Roboto attachments

Great Unrest weapons pack
green Clawful shield
green Clawful mace
green Carnivus sword
green Carnivus shield
purple Dreago Man unflamed sword
purple Dreago Man flamed sword
purple Dreago Man flaming shield