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Thread: Fighting Foe Men = The New Star Sisters?

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    Not as bad as the Star sisters, but almost. Such a waste of slots.

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    I was fine with the Star Sisters. Not characters I would have hand picked out of all possibilities, but I wasn't unhappy to get them.

    The Fighting Foe Men, however, I was actually excited to see. I remember reading threads about these characters in the early days of MOTUC and hoping, but not expecting, that they'd get to them eventually. Can't wait to open them up next month.

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    I'm really looking forward to the FFM! I think they'll do fine...their designs are pure MotU awesomeness!
    200X fan? Classic fan? What does that mean? I'm a MotU fan!!!

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    I really love the FFM.... their post-apocalyptic look catched me instantly.
    But it's wrong... terribly wrong that they're included in subscription...
    They are good for a lot of people but they aren't for everybody!
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    FFM look very much in line with other vintage MOTU figures. They're not for everybody, but they don't stick out like sore, candy-colored thumbs like the Star Sisters.
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    I am really happy to get the FFM. They weren't in my "demand" list because I didn't know about them to want them. However, once I saw them I was sold.

    I would have liked to have seen a little more interesting and creative designs for the FFM beyond the three we're getting. When I first heard of the FFM, my imagination was much more monster oriented in design.

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