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Thread: Wanted: She-Ra Figures + MIB

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    Wanted: She-Ra Figures + MIB

    I'm looking for the following figures in NM and complete condition:

    • Double Trouble
    • Entrapta
    • Flutterina
    • Glimmer
    • Mermista
    • Netossa
    • Peekablue
    • Perfuma
    • Sweet Bee

    MIB: (clean boxes)
    • Arrow
    • Butterflyer
    • Clawdeen
    • Enchanta
    • Sea Harp
    • Storm

    I live overseas and would prefer to buy more than one item from each seller to save on shipping.

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    I have these if you're interested...
    3-7-13 She-ra Pics 012.jpg3-7-13 She-ra Pics 013.jpg3-7-13 She-ra Pics 010.jpg3-7-13 She-ra Pics 006.jpg3-7-13 She-ra Pics 009.jpg
    Sorry SweetBee and her horse were already sold. She-Ra and all rest still availible though.

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    I have many of these figures. Please see my thread. Netossa is in great condition and complete. $200 includes shipping. I still have her card as well.
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    I have Netossa loose only missing comb and shield... Let me know if you are interest.

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    SorceressSon, I wish they came with all their accessories as I'm looking for NM complete figures to give as a gift to a She-Ra fan. Thanks though

    LeelooMinai, I'm interested and sent a PM - hope to hear from you soon!

    octavio, thanks a lot for letting me know - if I could find the missing accessories separately I'll be in touch.

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