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Thread: The "this stinks for me, but is great for you"Sale thread Fisto, Shadow weaver + more

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    The "this stinks for me, but is great for you"Sale thread Fisto, Shadow weaver + more

    So after my boss has been 3 weeks behind on paying me, I get the pleasant surprise of his decision to close down his business because of his poor money management skills. Leaving me high and dry for the next few weeks until I get this all sorted out. Funny I just bought back most of my collection I sold off when I got a similar scare back in December...well you know what they say...fool me twice I thought long and hard about keeping it, really pains me to sell it but right now I have no options and I am not about to go into credit card debt paying bills just to hold on to everything. Now all this stuff has to go ASAP but I don't necessarily want to give it away because I paid close to the current value of the bigger figures so please be kind. If someone wants the whole lot we can talk so just PM me. All Individual prices include shipping to the lower 48 only. I will ship internationally but it you must pay exact shipping so I will need all the proper info regarding destination. I have 100% perfect feedback and have dealt with some really awesome people here. Gift payment is obviously preferred, if you want to pay goods than just add 3% paypal fees All figures include the White mailers except for Man-E Faces. Here goes...


    Battle Cat $45
    Panthor $45


    King Grayskull $25
    She-Ra $25
    Frosta $25
    Adora $26
    Optikk $30
    Snake MAA $26
    Catra $35
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