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    A basic tenet of marketing, when creating a product, is that "Looking Good Helps". If a product looks good more people will buy it. He-man and She-ra "looked" great together.

    Think of that scene in "The Secret of the Sword" where She-ra introduces herself at Snake Mountain. Remember when He-man says to her "Let's go" and they walk off together passed Teela with her mouth wide open. They made the most beautiful couple, especially with She-ra's long flowing blonde hair following them as they veered across the screen. It almost looked like He-man had his arm around her, or was leading her by the arm.

    As an item He-man and She-ra would have made a much stronger, more successful product. It would have attracted a wider audience because little girls would enjoy the interplay between them like:

    1) When Adora first became She-ra, and rescues He-man, he says to her
    "Go get help. I'll handle this." She says "Right," in a feminine, shy girl
    kind of way.

    2) When She-ra appears to Man-At-Arms and Teela at Snake Mountain, Teela
    asks, "Who are you!" She-ra was nervous, struggling to find the right
    words and said "I'm, uh uh..." and He-man jumps in and says, "She's
    my friend." And She-ra goes, "Right," again in a cute, teenage girl, way.

    3) When Adora pulls down Adam's Santa Claus beard in the Christmas Special
    and says, "Merry Christmas, Adam," she looks at him in a warm, tender way
    with a gleam in her eye.

    4) When He-man goes to the Fright Zone and confronts Adora and stops her
    her from drawing her weapon, he puts his finger over her mouth to keep
    her from talking. It was a very masculine and feminine moment.

    Girls like a man taking charge, especially in a romantic relationship. He-man was this way with She-ra in the "The Secret of the Sword", including at the end when She-ra is sad even after winning the Battle for Brightmoon and He-man says to her "You're not coming back to Eternia with me, are you?" He always put into words what She-ra was feeling but had trouble expressing, the way a girl gets around a boy she likes.

    The cross-over episodes after the "The Secret of the Sword" got away from this male-female dynamic by making She-ra take charge and making He-man look weak and in need of rescue.

    Anyone not too familiar with the show would think that they were a couple because they looked so perfect together, like they were made for each other.

    I think little girls might have felt a little disappointed when they found out they were just brother and sister.

    Imagine the much more fun little girls could have had playing with their She-ra and He-man figures if they could have made them marry and kiss and sleep in the same bed, take walks together, dance together, go on dates, etc.

    The fact is that what gave birth to and kept the Filmation cartoons going was the Mattel toy sales. By making He-man and She-ra a boy and girl in love, little girls would have bought more of the toys because they could have let their imaginations run wild (eg. He-man and She-ra entertaining as a couple, taking showers together, rolling around in the grass, the possibilities would have been endless for a girl). And, this revenue would have kept the She-ra cartoon going indefinitely.
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