Some Figures i wanted to do since i See the Great ideas and custom from Some Other Org members.

First One is Blizzlor ( Master-English Concept) the cool Blizzard grizzlor yeti dude. i Love ihm

The Second One i made Straight after blizzlor. I saw a cool sniper Custom. So i made Sni-Furr:

The Third One Is a skelkon/ Skeleton warrior ( thanks to He-mikes Concept and his incredible Skeleton Army.) Good old Duncan will never Rest in Peace. Here is the Death at Arms.

He Lacks a little in articulation. He has no ellbow- and knee joins. I have no idea how to do that yet. Maybe i try this another Time.

If i do other customs in the Future based on Other concepts from
Org i think i will use this Thread again. I would really Love to do a TechTrak. One of the cooles customs i've Seen. Until then thank you guys for the Inspiration.