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    Custom MOTUC: NINJOR

    After much waiting I finally got my Ram man... so... I had to make a Ninjor.

    It was a hard build for me personally as Ram Man and Ninjor are my favorite two MOTU characters ever for a few reasons. But mostly I would say due to them both being the last two vintage figures my grandfather got for me when I was little... before his Alzheimer's took him from the world.

    Ninjor was [always] his personal choice. I can remember many times when I was young and I would play beside his recliner and I would ask him if he would want to play He-Man with me... he would always want to be the Ninjor figure.

    So now that he is done.... I have my Ram Man... an my grandpa's favorite, Ninjor...

    Well without any further waiting, here is the images of my build of Ninjor.
    [Crossbow Not Shown]

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Miss you very much Grandpa.
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