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  • Call Digital River ASAP after getting the new card.

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  • Let the castle get cancelled. Please elaborate.

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Thread: MOTUC Castle Grayskull Dilemma

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    MOTUC Castle Grayskull Dilemma

    The credit card that I use for my MOTUC subscriptions, Castle Grayskull and other items outside the subs expires in September of this year. With Castle Grayskull expected in December, I am concerned about getting my castle when dealing with Digital River. From what I hear several other fans have this same problem. In the past when problems arose (i.e. replacing defective items, problem with charging my card, etc.), I was able to get them resolved eventually. I have little worry that I will be able to change my card information on the My Subscription page for both my Club Eternia and My Filmation subs, but since Castle Grayskull is not a subscription it does not show up on the My Subscription page and appears that the only way to change my card information is to call Digital River and hope that I get competent assistance. Ideally, I will call Digital River as soon as I get my new card and get the information changed without a hitch. My fear is that they will tell me that the only way that they can fulfill my request would be by cancelling my original order and order another one. This could cause the following problems:

    1. I could lose the cross-sell poster
    2. I could have to pay a higher price
    3. I could lose the poster and pay a higher price
    4. Worst of all, I could lose the whole castle (especially if it is not on sale at the time I try to change my card or sold out).

    This gives me three options to getting my castle:

    1. Call Digital River as soon as I get my new card in August/September and attempt to get the new card applied.
    2. Let the expired card get charged in December and wait for Digital River to contact me about fixing it.
    3. Let Digital River attempt to charge the expired card and ignore their request to get it corrected, thus cancelling my order. Then attempt to get it from another orger, online retail store or eBay.

    What would you / should I do? I’m leaning towards #1 or possibly #2. Number 3 just seems too expensive and risky to me.
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