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Thread: WTB: New Adventrures series parts

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    WTB: New Adventrures series parts


    Looking for a few New Adventures figures/accessories. All parts need to be unbroken and in good condition!

    Thunder Punch He-Man sword
    Nocturna two-piece snap-on bandolier
    Spinwit (Tornado) weapon
    Hook Em Flogg weapon
    Spin Fist Hydron weapon and helmet
    Battle Punch He-man shield and sword
    Kayo (Tatarus) weapon and shoulder armor
    Too-Tall Hoove figure

    Disk Of Doom Skeletor complete figure with all accessories

    Please let me know if you have these for sale or know where to find them.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've always wondered why NA doesn't have it's own trade forum. Seems wrong not to!

    Best of luck, Kite!
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