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Thread: TMNT New Series Toy Lot For Sale

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    TMNT New Series Toy Lot For Sale

    A nice way for someone to get an instant new TMNT collection: *CLOSED*

    TMNT New Series Toy Lot: $135 (including shipping)

    Lot includes the following loose complete figures:

    Metal Head
    Foot Soldier (quantity: 4)
    Kraang (quantity: 6)
    Fish Face
    Dog Pound

    Vehicle: Rippin Rider

    Play set: Anchovy Alley

    Please see attached image and PM if interested. Paypal "gift" payment accepted. Offer for U.S. inner 48 states residents only.

    All items are in excellent condition/ were used for display only. Rippin Rider and Anchovy Alley boxes are included. Turtle accessories haven't been removed from their respective plastic hangers. The original sticker sheet for Anchovy Alley hasn't been used (I scanned the stickers and printed out duplicate stickers for use on the play set, instead of using the original stickers). The Rippin Rider sticker hasn't been applied.

    *Note: One of the Kraang blasters is missing.
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