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Thread: WHIPLASH! By crazy talented artists!

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    WHIPLASH! By crazy talented artists!

    Whiplash by gateapparel on deviantART

    I love this version of Whiplash. It's 200X with a little bit of grit. I love the exaggerated spines, and even the facial hair. You wouldn't expect a giant lizard man to have a 5 o'clock shadow. Awesome piece!

    Whiplash by Phraggle on deviantART

    This one is super cool! The artist really loves MOTU and has alot of great pieces. This version looks like a blend of the vintage toy and classic box art. The emphasis on the banding around the eyes is perfect, and the big chunky alligator tail looks great with the proportions of the legs.

    WHIPLASH by ChrisFaccone on deviantART

    This piece is really cool, and looks like something you'd find on a cool modern throw back to vintage t-shirt or a tin lunch box!

    I have a tail for a whip by JazylH on deviantART

    Another modern Whiplash, with a simple background and it looks cool!

    Whiplash by jerzydrozd on deviantART

    Really weird and super deformed. Is he a lizard? A frog? An alligator? If MOTU were to come back as a cartoon for kids, I can see the style looking closely to this. Not my favorite, but this guys other renditions are really cool! Check his stuff out!
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    To me Phraggle's Whiplash is better.
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