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Thread: Looking for Kenner Aliens and Predator figures- 46 Pieces needed!

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    Looking for Kenner Aliens and Predator figures- 46 Pieces needed!

    Down to only needing 26!
    Willing to buy or trade: check out my list here:!

    All must be complete and in good shape, but loose is fine.
    I'm currently looking for:
    Vehicles: Evac Fighter, Queen Hive Playset (slime not necessary).

    Figures (Series 2): Warrior Alien vs. Renegade Predator (w/ comic).

    Figures (Series 4): Bull Alien (all red), Gorilla Alien (Green), Mantis Alien (Translucent Green), Rhino Alien (Black and Silver), Snake Alien (Gold highlights), Electronic Swarm Alien, Warrior Alien (blue).

    Aliens vs Marine 2 packs: Hicks vs. King Alien, Drake vs. Alien Arachnid, Hudson vs. Scorpion Alien, O'Malley vs. Queen Face Hugger.

    Hive Wars: Acid Alien, Corporal Hicks, Hive Warrior Alien, Integer 3, Night Recon Predator, Warrior Predator.

    Predator (series 1): Ambush Predator.

    Predator (series 2): Lasershot Predator

    Predator (series 3): Renegade Predator, Scavage Predator (tan and bronze), Spiked Tail Predator (tan and silver), Stalker Predator (yellowish green and tan).
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