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Thread: How did you vote in shipping survey?

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    Heroic Warrior Stratos*Major's Avatar
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    How did you vote in shipping survey?

    In the newest matty e-mail (4/10/13) you were asked to vote on 2 shipping options:

    1. Yes ill spend more money to get my figures monthly

    2. Yes ill spend less money to get the quarterly

    How did you vote?

    Also, there is a thread foe discussion in the classics forum.

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    Hero of Eternia zodak74's Avatar
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    Quarterly here. It'll be funner getting a big box of figures 4 times a year, with the saved money going towards other things, than getting monthly figures that in the end are costing twice their base price because shipping almost equals the cost of one figure.

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    Heroic Warrior Nianotreve's Avatar
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    Quarterly, I'm in the UK and have to wait 4 weeks anyway from the 15th. High prices and customs charges are getting out of hand, plus if i am out the wont redeliver, and it's a long way to collect .
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    Heroic Warrior jzachery's Avatar
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    I would prefer my figures every month, but I voted quarterly because I know this would be a great thing for international fans! It's what's good for the line.
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    Will they still take the charge for the figures every month?

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    SoH Supporter He-Dad's Avatar
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    I voted monthly as that's how I want to get my figures. Quarterly would be a nice option for International folks but I wouldn't want it to be our only option at all.

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    i look forward to my monthly figures and enjoy the spread of wealth. something to look forward too and each fig gets its own time in the limelight

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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    I would rather save money in the long run.
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    I never got the e-mail with the link, but I would have voted monthly.
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    Quarterly here. The money saved can just buy more HE-MAN toys!!!!!
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    Heroic Warrior Nemisythe's Avatar
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    Monthly. I don't want to wait a few months to find out something bad about my figure and know there may not be any recourse in solving said issue if it were to happen.
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    Quarterly is cool with me. I chose this option when the sub 1st started. Then it was 4 months (Sep-Dec) all shipping together. It was an awesome MOTUC figures at once, and I didn't feel like I was getting ripped off on shipping like I have been for the past few years now.

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    Karaoke Extraordinaire Wun2 III's Avatar
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    I voted monthly, but I hope they make it an option for others that would prefer quarterly
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    Monthly for me.
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