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Thread: New Fan Film!

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    New Fan Film!

    I'm (Johnny Bilson of Johnny's Perfect Costumes) set to star in a He-Man fan-film, Wrath of Tri-Klops, with Benjamin Dickinson as He-Man, Spencer Voykin as Skeletor, and Rebeka Newbold as Evil Lyn! The film is a retelling of the vintage mini-comic The Terror of Tri-Klops! with some new elements that bridge it as the first part of a trilogy.

    Tri-Klops Poster.jpg

    The film is still in the early stages of pre-production, and director Scotty Grass is raising funds through his IndieGoGo campaign. They only need enough money to cover the costs of production, so if you want to see this film get made, you can help by donating here before April 17th: Donate and pick a perk!

    This is our He-Man!

    He-Man at SDCC.jpg

    Here's a teaser to get you excited about the project:

    Evil Lyn.jpg

    Maybe you need a little more convincing... Well, here's Evil Lyn to do just that!

    Johnny has previously appeared as Tri-Klops in John Carroll's Masters of the Universe: The Fountain of Life.
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    We're hopefully filming this fall if all goes good. We'll have Ram man, Blade and Beastman to.

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