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Thread: HUGE Vintage MOTU Collection for Sale or Trade (Personal Collection)

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    HUGE Vintage MOTU Collection for Sale or Trade (Personal Collection)

    That was quick! Sold to CAX16!!!!

    Well guys I got all of my Vintage MOTU figures together and decided to sell my collection. I AM ONLY SELLING AS A COLLECTION, I WILL NOT BREAK UP.

    I am going to list them on ebay, but also here. I am going to ask for $350 for the lot on here, plus shipping. I will only ship within the USA. If you are interested in a trade I am looking for a nice collection of M.A.S.K. or GI JOE figures. If you live in the Cincinnati/Northern KY Area, I will be able to meet you and throw in 2 collector cases and a Snake Mountain (bad condition) for free.

    This lot includes a Castle Grayskull (missing a few weapons and some cardboard cut outs). Some decals are peeling, and is a little dusty, but in great shape.

    This lot also includes the following

    He-Man (100% Complete)
    Skeletor (100% Complete)
    Beastman (100% Complete)
    Mer Man (100% Complete)
    Tri Klops (100% Complete)
    Trap Jaw (100% Complete)
    Evil Lyn (100% Complete)
    Mek A Neck (100% Complete)
    Teela (100% Complete)
    Man At Arms (100% Complete)
    Stratos (100% Complete)
    Man E Faces (100% Complete)
    Prince Adam (100% Complete)
    Ram Man (100% Complete)
    Roboto (100% Complete)
    Buzz Off (100% Complete)
    Fisto (100% Complete)
    Zodac (replacement Gun)
    Orko (missing magic trick)
    Battle Armor He Man (100% Complete)
    Faker (100% Complete)
    Two Bad (no weapons)
    Clawful (100% Complete)
    Hordak (100% Complete)
    Leech (100% Complete)
    Mantenna (100% Complete)
    Stinkor (100% Complete)
    Jitsu (100% Complete)
    King Hiss (100% Complete)
    Rattlor (100% Complete)
    Tongue Lashor (100% Complete)
    Kobra Khan (100% Complete)
    Webstor (missing gun)
    Battle Armor Skeletor (missing sword)
    Whiplash (100% Complete)

    Battle Cat (100% Complete)
    Panthor (100% Complete)
    Stridor (100% Complete)
    Good Bird(missing armor)
    Bad Bird (missing stand and armor)

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    Congrats! I wanted to offer on some of them individually but glad you found a home for the entire collection! Grats to CAX16 as well!

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