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Thread: Sold my wave 1 figures. Starting buying wave 1 figures the same day

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    Sold my wave 1 figures. Starting buying wave 1 figures the same day

    So I was rounding out my collection of MOTUC figures. The last figure I got in MOTUC was Teela, who is, of course, hugely inflated in price. In order to justify it I sold off my wave 1 figures in a lot. I thought, well, I'll just re-buy them someday, down the road.

    I just couldn't do it. I started buying them again right after the vintage figures sold. My emotional connection to the vintage first wave figures is stronger than I thought! Just having these little guys on my desk brings me so much happiness. It's like instantly being a kid again.

    So, once again I'm rooting around in the basement looking for misc (non-MOTU) items to sell instead, to justify buying (again) vintage Skeletor, He-Man, MAA, Beast Man & Mer-Man. And soon Battle Cat and Teela as well.

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    Welcome back! I love all the vintage waves but the first will always be special. The cardback paintings are burned into my memories as well. Then, strangely, the last wave is one of my faves - Rio Blast especially.

    I recently began re-collecting the vintage figures for the 4th time in my life - grabbed the original 8 first.

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