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    Quote Originally Posted by Ridureyu View Post

    The problems with Teela's current portrayal come from DC's well-publicized hatred of women in the last few years. The writers CANNOT imagine a strong, capable woman without making her a vicious jerk, or a complete ****, or both. So the level-headed, responsible-yet-strong Teela got replaced with this new annoyance because that's just how they view women.
    Yes; the DC writers really should get out more and - perhaps - even meet some real women, observe how they look, dress, act, speak. I seriously doubt that the interaction will prove much of a treat for the women involved - but good may come of it in the end. One can only hope.

    The way DC do things - certainly when vandalizing their way through MotU - just shows the stereotypes about comic-book writers to be hideously true - at least in their case.

    Ironic, isn't it, that they can't even get such things right in a fantasy world which isn't very much like Earth at all? It ought to be really easy - especially with a huge canon of widely-accepted characterizations to draw on.....

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    This new review of Ongoing #2 (and there are not a lot of them out there) makes the selfsame point about the treatment of women in MotU by DC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scriptor View Post
    Interesting - many thanks.
    I suppose that, now having read-up on them, I see some distinction to be drawn between the Bios per se (with, as you point out, approved sanction) and the fanfiction-esque narrative which (sort-of) accompanies them - which I can't really see as having an "official" status or canonical authority beyond that of any other fanfiction.
    In addition to the bios there are also four mini-comics, which came with some of the Classics action figures. Those are part of the same canon as the bios.

    The information in the narrative thread is taken (mostly word-for-word) directly from the bios/comics, and simply helps organize the events into chronological order. Until Mattel puts something similar on MattyCollector, it's the closest thing to an "official" summary of the Classics story that we have.

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