Rebel Armored Snowspeeder and Imperial Tie Fighter, both are MISB. Asking $40 each plus actual shipping for these. I am willing to ship international, but only via tracked methods. The figures are all on card. Most cards are in very good condition, a lot unpunched. If this is important to you please ask and I'll be happy to give you individual descriptions. I can also email any pictures upon request. I'm asking $270 shipped in North America for this lot. $320 shipped including the ships!

06 C3P0
08 Darth Vader
14 Sandtrooper
20 Yoda
22 Admiral Ackbar
23 Luke Skywalker (Endor Capture)
24 Wooof
26 Rebel Commando (x3 white, 1 black)
27 Wicket
28 Wedge Antilles
35 Mace Windu
41 Storm Trooper x2
45 Clone Trooper
48 Weequay
51 Bariss Offee
53 Bom Vimdin
55 Logray
56 Kithaba
62 Han Solo (Trench Coat)
65 Tie Pilot
70 Walrus Man
86 Darth Maul
89 Lando Calrissian (Sandstorm)
91 Rebel Pilot (Mon Calamari)
98 Grand Moff Tarkin
99 Nikto
104 Lumat
106 Nien Numb
114 Prune Face